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Embed your curriculum

Tag your observations and plans with elements from your curriculums, philosophies and frameworks. Observe progression over time and give parents context for the learning taking place. Lots of preset options to select from that apply to your country or state.

Storypark curriculums screenshot

Tag stories

Tag your observations with elements from your curriculum, philosophy and/or frameworks. Embedded descriptors for each part of your curriculum give new educators confidence when applying it and writing rich learning stories takes less time. They also enable families to better understand their child’s development and the value of your work.

For child stories, add tags relating to your curriculum or outcomes. For educator portfolio stories add tags relating to teaching standards.

Storypark curriculums screenshot
Storypark curriculums screenshot

Tag plans

You can apply tags to plans so  you can then filter them by their tags making it easier to find and group similar or related plans.

Storypark curriculums screenshot

Preset and custom learning sets

Based on your location, we add some local curriculums to get you started. You can edit and adapt these as well as creating your own unique set.

Storypark curriculums screenshot
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Learning set library

Sets that are available to every educator who uses Storypark, worldwide. These are created by Storypark in consultation with regional education specialists and with permission from the original authors.

Storypark curriculums screenshot

Curriculum trend reporting

Create custom reports on how your service uses your curriculum and outcomes in observations. See proportionately how many times you've tagged one aspect of learning vs others, so you can plan future learning.

Storypark curriculums screenshot
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Filter by tag

Both stories and plans can be filtered by the tags applied. Making them easier to find and to group similar or related documentation.

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Search similar stories

Tap on a learning tag within a story to see all other stories at your service with that tag applied.